What to do if ED

“A quarter of new patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) are younger than 40, yet many are quick to mock young men who struggle with getting or maintaining an erection,” writes Laura Donovan in an article in attn.

The article recounts a post from a young guy on Reddit that describes his partner’s anxiety. Often couples blame the problem on a lack of motivation thinking they are not sexy enough. It is commonly thought that young males when they see an attractive woman can get and maintain an erection, but it is rarely the case.

In reality the mechanisms that cause an erection are complex. They  happen due to increased blood flow into the spongy tissue with the outflow restricted because the veins are constricted by the outer sheath. The tissues are like a muscle that if not used become smaller, which means they become unable to push against the outer sheath. When it becomes harder to get an erection it can be embarrassing and so they avoid trying and the cycle becomes self-reinforcing.

Unfortunately if the penis does not become erect or semi-erect for long periods the cells don’t get enough blood flow to remain healthy and so the problem gets progressively worse.

SONICWAVE treatment kickstarts the regeneration of the cells and so it becomes possible to achieve an erection again. That is the good news! The other good news is that to keep the penis healthy it has to stimulated regularly through sex or masturbation.