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  • FullMast Radio Ad: Home Dates

    FullMast Radio Ad: Home Dates

    Go on a date without leaving your home with FullMast When the weather is depressing and you don’t feel like going bowling or going to the movies. Well… ye could always just stay home and go “FullMast”? Now THERE’S something you can both enjoy! The announcer in our radio ad states, “Keep date nights at […]

  • FullMast Radio Ad: Winter Vacation

    FullMast Radio Ad: Winter Vacation

    Set Sail Without Leaving Your Home Winter sucks doesn’t it?  Feel like taking a break and going down south but don’t have the time?  Well, just because you can’t “set sail” to a tropical island, doesn’t mean you can’t go “FullMast” from home.  Save your vacation days and set sail from home this winter with […]

  • FullMast Radio Ad: Valentines Day

    FullMast Radio Ad: Valentines Day

    Celebrate Valentine’s With a Harder Erection What do most couples really want on Valentine’s day? A card? Yes. A romantic dinner? Perhaps. Most dream of deliciously romantic and sensual lovemaking. To celebrate Valentine’s Day FullMast is airing a spot on Q107 and AM640 radio a spot that states, “Sometimes, when you’re looking forward to a […]

  • FullMast Radio Ad: “New Years Resolutions”

    FullMast Radio Ad: “New Years Resolutions”

    Your New Year’s Resolution? Why Not Make More Love? It’s that time of the year when we promise ourselves to lose weight, do more exercise or achieve other personal objectives. We don’t often hear of people promising themselves they should make love more often, but we should because scientific studies show that sex is healthy […]

  • FullMast Radio Ad: “Xmas Gift”

    FullMast Radio Ad: “Xmas Gift”

    What Do You Want for Christmas? FullMast’s new radio advertisement now playing on Q107 and AM640 in Toronto starts with a man asking, “Honey, what do you want for Christmas?” His partner responds, “Oh, nothing…” “Really? There’s gotta be something…” “Well, there’s one thing” She states, “FullMast.” This exchange is more common than you might guess. […]

  • FullMast Radio Ad: “It’s nothing”

    FullMast Radio Ad: “It’s nothing”

    Listen to Her When She Says “Go to the Doctor” FullMast’s new radio ad that is airing on Q107 and AM640 describes a scenario that is seen in many relationships where the man suffers a medical setback but doesn’t wish to visit a doctor. In the advertisement the man trips and hurts his ankle. His […]