How SONICWAVE™ Therapy
Treats Erectile Dysfunction 

SONICWAVES are high intensity vibrations similar to sound waves but with far greater energies. These vibrations cause the cells in and around the penis to experience micro trauma stimulating them to regenerate. The capillaries in the erectile tissue and the nerves regrow. 

The processes are natural and similar to what occurs when a muscle is stressed through hard physical exercise or the skin slightly bruised.

SONICWAVE™ also referred to as “soundwave therapy,” “acoustic therapy”  and “low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy” (LI-ESWT) have been used in medicine for over 50 years. At higher energies ESWT are used to break up kidney stones. Low intensity shockwaves are regularly used in orthopaedics, aesthetic and sports medicine. 

SONICWAVES are a way to treat vasculogenic erectile dysfunction that is non-surgical and non-drug.  

We Use Breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE for Enhanced Erectile Performance

Dual-action SONICWAVE treats both the surface and deeper lying erectile tissues.

There are two types of SONICWAVE: Focused and radial. Focused penetrates more deeply and works especially well for the nerves and deeper lying erectile tissue, known as the crus, that lies behind the testicles. During therapy the focused waves can hardly be felt and are never painful. 

Radial SONICWAVE works best for the more superficial erectile tissue in the penis itself. The radial waves feel different and at higher energies cause the penis to redden and swell. This goes away after a couple of hours.  

During treatment radial SONICWAVE for some patients feels slightly painful in which case we apply a topical anaesthetic so it isn’t uncomfortable.

Clinics treating erectile dysfunction run by licensed medical practitioners generally us focused shockwave only. Others not run by medical doctors use radial shockwave only. FullMast is unique in using a combination of focused and radial shockwave that we tailor according to the condition of the patient.  

The combination of focused and radial shockwave provides a Dual-action for treating vasculogenic ED.

Not Suffering from ED but Need Erectile Revitalization

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Many men do not have erectile dysfunction – they simply desire a larger, firmer erection. For these clients we recommend our Boost Protocol. These clients, if they are not suffering form any associated medical conditions, do not need to undergo a consultation with one of our licensed medical physicians.

If you can benefit from an erectile boost please let our patients intake manager know and you can fast-track to a larger, firmer and more sensitive erection. 

Why PRP Injections are Unnecessary

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is used in therapies to promote tissue regeneration. The liquid is made from a patient’s blood and has high concentrations of growth factors. It can be injected into tissues that require treatment. The therapy is used in hospitals to promote wound healing and it is also used in sports medicine.

Dual-action SONICWAVE works by activating the growth factors existing in the tissues and blood of the penis.

For the treatment of non-chronic vasculogenic ED the injections are unnecessary because the penis has an adequate supply of growth factor that are activated by SONICWAVE. Learn more about PRP and the P-shot therapy here.