SONICWAVE™ Treatment

At FullMast Men’s Health Clinic, we know erectile dysfunction is a big deal.

It’s a big deal in our communities, where half of all men over the age of fifty face erectile concerns. It’s a major issue in the bedrooms of our patients, in budding romances, and in otherwise happy marriages. It can signal life-threatening medical conditions or long-term sexual health issues.

Despite the seriousness and widespread nature of this concern, many men are unaware of the medically sound, long-term solutions available for erectile dysfunction. They believe that injections, pills, and implants are their only option. They look for ways to temporarily treat the symptoms associated with ED rather than addressing the real causes behind their condition.

For a long time, these treatments were the only ones available. But conclusive research has given some Canadian men another safe, effective treatment option: SONICWAVE™ therapy.

Some people come to our clinic seeking this option; others have never heard of it and are full of questions. This article seeks to clarify SONICWAVE™ therapy and how it is used in Canadian erectile dysfunction clinics.

How does SONICWAVE™ therapy work?

SONICWAVE™SONICWAVE™ seeks to restructure the tissues inside the penis with high-frequency vibrations and low-intensity “shock wave therapy.” Rather than temporarily addressing symptomatic issues, this treats the penis directly.

The use of shock waves to induce changes and regeneration is nothing new. Doctors frequently use this technology to treat chronic wounds, cardiac disease, and other issues related to circulation and damaged tissue. The waves of energy used in treating erectile dysfunction are extremely low intensity compared to other uses of this technology, so the term “SONICWAVE™” is used instead of “shock wave” therapy in this case.

Is SONICWAVE™ therapy safe?

This is a great question! It’s important to know all the possible risks before undergoing any treatment.

One of the main benefits of SONICWAVE™ therapy is that, unlike drug-based options, it lacks side effects. For some patients, PDE5 inhibitors (like Cialis or Viagra) can lead to headaches, a stuffy nose, or gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, research shows that these pills do not work for up to 35% of patients and that 70% of patients do not continue renewing their prescription by the 6-12 month mark. While they may be an important part of a multimodal treatment plan, for many men pills and injections are far from an “easy fix.”

Because SONICWAVE™ therapy is a non-drug option, side effects like this do not arise. This therapy is also non-surgical, making it safer than implants. Doctors use extremely low waves of energy as dictated by peer-reviewed research, ensuring that the treatment is safe and noninvasive.

Shock wave therapy is currently approved in over 20 countries. It is used in hundreds of clinics worldwide, including FullMast Men’s Health Clinic in Toronto and Vancouver.

To learn more about the approval of this treatment, you can read the 19 studies involving shock waves registered here. A detailed description of two major studies centring on the use of this technology for ED can also be found here.

Does SONICWAVE™ therapy really “fix” erectile dysfunction?

SONICWAVE™ treatment on penis
SONICWAVE™ therapy physically jolts the cells of the penis stimulating the growth of blood vessels and nerves.

As with any treatment, the answer to this question comes down to the individual. Certain factors, such as pre-existing medical conditions, can influence the level and duration of success. At FullMast, our doctors do a full evaluation to determine if a patient is a candidate for SONICWAVE™ and customize a treatment plan based on medical research and patient history.

This treatment is often pursued by men seeking long-term recovery instead of brief “fixes” for individual sexual encounters. That said, a doctor may recommend that you take PDE5 inhibitors alongside SONICWAVE™ as part of your treatment plan Paying close attention to an individual’s unique situation and employing a multimodal treatment plan is the key to successful ED treatment.

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