Men’s Sexual Health Clinics in Toronto

Sexual health for is necessary for overall adult wellbeing. There are many aspects to having a fulfilling love life that deserve attention and can sometimes benefit from expert help.

The following is a list of therapists and clinics whose practices overlap with the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) , Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) & Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

NOTE these are NOT handled by FullMast Men’s Health Clinics.

If you or your partner are experiencing itching, sores, pain in or around the genitals or unusual discharge you should seek medical attention immediately.

The physicians at FullMast Men’s Health Clinics do NOT treat these issues. As a first option visit your family physician alternatively visit a walk in clinic near you.

In downtown Toronto there are several clinics that specialize in sexual issues. There is a listing on the website, the Village Pharmacy & the Hassle Free Clinic.

Naturopathic doctors

Erectile dysfunction is often associated with stress and occasionally with hard-to-diagnose chronic conditions. Sometimes the mainstream health system falls short of diagnosing the root causes of these types of health challenges, nor help patients who prefer to avoid dependence on pharmaceutical products. 

If you are suffering from stress or a health deficiency that persists despite treatment by your family health practitioner or if you wish to avoid or reduce the use of drugs we advise you consider visiting a naturopathic health practitioner.

Dr. JJ ND, chief medical officer at the Liberty Clinic at Sherbourne and Bloor Streets, stands out because he has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, works with allopathic doctors in hospitals as well as having the approaches of a naturopath, with their attention to lifestyle considerations and natural remedies. 

See more information at the Liberty Clinic and Dr. JJ ND websites. 

Naturopathic Dr. JJ runs the Liberty Clinic in downtown Toronto.

Sex therapists, counsellors 

We partner with sex therapists and relationship counsellors in Toronto

The Mindfulness Clinic -Sex Therapy in Toronto
Esther Benbihy M.A., C.Psych.Assoc Sex Therapy and Couples Counselling
Rob Peach, MSW RSW
Marianne Keystone, MSW, RSW, CST, RMFT Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Toronto Intimacy Counselling – Diana Melnick, MACP, RP

Caroline Maykut – The Centre For Psychology And Emotional Health
Psychologist, PhD, C PSYC
Located at 1200 Bay Street, Suite 403, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A5

Mindful Maelstrom – Kristina Dragnea, 91 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6J 2Z2

Candor Psychology & Psychotherapy, 164 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 310, Toronto, ON, M4P 1A6 – Brad Garrison M.Ed., RP, CCC

Toronto Sexuality Centre 2 Carlton Street Suite 1820 Toronto, ON M5B – James Cantor

Kat Kova Therapy 1352 Bathurst Street, #402, Toronto, ON M5R 3H7

Marnie Wohl-Bennett Psychotherapy, Toronto, ON M6K – online

All of You Wellness Centre

Grow & Rise Wellness Services

Sandra Rotholc RP RSW RMFT CST

Dr. Philip Jai Johnson – Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists

The muscles of the pelvic floor play a key role in satisfying sexual experiences. When these muscles are weak, erections will be softer and orgasms less intense. If the pelvic floor muscles are excessively tight it can result in painful and unsatisfying orgasms.

Issues with the pelvic floor muscles can be successfully treated by pelvic physiotherapists, who prescribe specific pelvic floor exercises which address the underlying weakness or tension that may be found in these muscles.

Urinary incontinence is often associated with pelvic floor muscle weakness.

If you suspect that pelvic floor issues are contributing to erectile dysfunction and unsatisfying sex we suggest you contact a pelvic floor physiotherapist. One well-regarded clinic is Advanced Pelvic Physiotherapy Centre located on Edward Street at University Avenue.


Urologists are physicians that diagnose and treat conditions involving the urinary and reproductive tract in men. In Canada they have to undergo at least 5 years of surgical training. To see a urologist patients need a referral from a general practitioner.

Dr. Ethan Grober, Male Sexual Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Dean S. Elterman

St Josephs Urology Dr Ashis Chawla, Dr Umesh Jain, Dr Anthony McLean, Dr Hanmu Yan

Weight loss, Metabolic Clinics & Diabetes

The connection between diet and erectile dysfunction is well established.

Toronto Metabolic Clinic – Holistic health and Wellness More info about Dr. Nora’s clinic

Dr. Poon Weight Loss Clinics  


LMC – Specialists in diabetes and hormone balance – Dr. Ronald Goldenberg is a consultant endocrinologist affiliated with North York General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology in Thornhill.

Dr. Ronnie Aronson is founder and Chief Medical Officer of LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology

Neurologists & Peripheral Neuropathy

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes accompanied with peripheral neuropathy (numbness in the hands and feet)

Neurology Centre of Toronto led by Dr. Evan Cole Lewis is a Pediatric Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and erectile dysfunction are associated

MyHealth Centre is located in downtown Toronto on the underground PATH at the southwest corner of Yonge and King Street close to FullMast Men’s Health Clinic at Bay and Wellington.

Sleep Clinics & Apnea Specialists

Sleep Ontario: Sleep clinics & apnea specialists

Exercise, Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

Staying physically active reduces the likelihood that men will experience ED as they grow older.

Synergy Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
The Cleveland Clinic is a global nonprofit academic medical centre with a location in downtown Toronto
Dr. Darren Edelist now on Bayview

Cosmetic: Hair Replacement, Body Sculpting, Cellulite Reduction

Often men decide that at midlife or older they need to get in shape. Sometimes this occurs because they are interesting in finding a new partner after bereavement or divorce. Erectile rejuvenation is sometimes called for.

GPs and Family Practitioners

For those suffering from an infection or other medical issue, the first call should be to a family doctor. If you are not registered with a specific physician you can visit one of the many walk in clinics in Toronto. Community Health Centres are listed here.

OHN is an abbreviation for Occupational Health Nursing and the Ontario Health Network. Oakwood is neighbourhood in Toronto.

When a family physician, general practitioner or specialist wishes to refer a patient to FullMast they should use this referral form.

Vasectomies are generally conducted by GPs and urologists who specialize in the procedure.

There are a number of clinics specializing in contraception and LGBTQ needs such as those listed here.

Sexual Revitalization? Book a Consultation at the FullMast Men’s Health Clinic in Downtown Toronto. It is Free & Discrete.

The clinic is close to Union Station and accessible through the PATH system. The clinic is on the same level as the food court.

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