Boost sensitivity & erectile performance

Not everyone suffers from erectile dysfunction, but many feel their sexual performance and sensitivity could benefit from a boost. 

The FullMast Erectile Boost protocol is suitable in particular for men under 50 years old who can get an erection and otherwise healthy but are concerned about diminished sexual performance.

The FullMast Erectile Boost protocol uses radial SONICWAVE to stimulate the regeneration of nerves and blood vessels in the skin and erectile tissues of the penis. Generally 3-4 sessions is appropriate.

Clients requiring this protocol do not need to be seen by our physicians which makes the process quicker and more convenient than treatments for erectile dysfunction.   

The FullMast Sexual Boost Protocol is suitable for men, particularly younger men, who are not suffering from erectile dysfunction yet wish to revitalize erectile performance.

How the SONICWAVE Booster Protocol Works

SONICWAVE works by causing microtrauma in the penis promotes revascularization and reinnervation of the erectile tissues. That means men can regain erectile hardness and sensitivity.

SONICWAVE, sometimes referred to as extracorporeal shockwave or acoustic wave, are short wavelength high intensity mechanical waveforms that are non-electromagnetic. They have been used for over 50 years by physiotherapists to treat injured muscles and tendons, and by urologists, at higher energies, to break up kidney stones. 

The Booster Protocol uses Radial SONICWAVE.

When is the FullMast Erectile Performance Boost appropriate?

  • When you can achieve an erection, but not as strong or long as you wish.
  • When you find it difficult to get an erection following orgasm.
  • When you do NOT have problematic health conditions and are not undergoing medical treatments.
  • When you are meeting a partner for the first time and wish to be more confident of your ability to perform in the bedroom. 
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Getting the FullMast Erectile Boost is Convenient with Clinics Across the GTA