Low libido? Increase your sex drive & get more love in relationships

Perhaps your partner has noticed that you no longer feel like having sex very often – or ever? Perhaps you suspect “andropause”, low-T, or “male menopause”. Perhaps you are unsure about the options and their safety? 

A low sex drive can be caused by stress, diet, lack of exercise which result in medical conditions that should be addressed. Low energy levels and a lack of desire are conditions that should not be ignored. Intimate relationships and active sex life are a desirable part of life and necessary for full health.

If you or your loved one has noticed a diminished sex drive visit FullMast Men’s Health Clinic in Calgary and get a FREE* medical check-up and consultation. One of our physicians can explain your treatment options.
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Low sex drive and erectile concerns are treatable

  • There are many reasons for a low sex drive. It is not something one should accept, nor should either partner blame themselves.
  • Having low energy is not healthy and can lead to depression.
  • Low testosterone levels can lead to other problems including weight-gain and heart disease. The underlying conditions should be checked by a physician.
  • More energy and loving sexual relationships make couples happier and live longer.
  • Hormone levels can often be boosted without injections – under the supervision of a physician.

SONICWAVE™ is an innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction

Sonic wave treatment
  • It is regenerative and pain free
  • It is suitable for men who don’t want to take erectile drugs
  • It is clinically proven and safe. Similar low intensity shock wave or “sound wave” technology has been used for years to treat tendon and joint injuries

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