We are medical clinics owned and run by doctors therefore we are unable to post testimonials and reviews. Also most of our patients prefer to remain anonymous. Nonetheless you can see reviews that our patients leave on Google and other review sites.

“I would recommend them to my best friend.”

Countering the effects of diabetes

It’s given my sex life back

With the SONICWAVE my performance is like turning the clock back almost 30 years back.  I like knowing that I don’t have anything synthetic in my system. (more…)

I can’t thank you enough

“I wanted to take a second to thank you for your guidance and insightful recommendations. The SONICWAVE process you have recommended has made the world of difference in my lifestyle and the everyday confidence that goes along with that.

I know people are very reluctant to talk about it, but ED is real and I’m just thankful you have dedicated your career to helping people through a very difficult situation. I really can’t thank you enough for everything!!

Thankful!!!”   -JD

Our intimacy has returned

“I wanted to write and thank you for your valuable guidance and treatment re my ED challenges post my prostate cancer and radical prostatectomy. As discussed I believe that every person undergoing this surgery needs a defined recovery plan.

The Sonicwave treatments were indeed ‘pain free’ as promised and this technology along with your advice re weight reduction and diet modification resulted in a distinct improvement and a boost in my self-confidence.

I am happier and my wife is also very pleased to see that our intimacy has returned, something that we both thought was likely past due to the prostate surgery.”


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