Rescue Your Sex Life

FullMast doctors have a message for men across Canada: If you’re struggling to “get it up,” pick up the phone and call a specialist as soon as possible.

“Erectile dysfunction” or “ED” is the term for a man who is having difficulty getting or keeping an erection. These issues can impact nearly every aspect of a man’s life, from his romantic relationships to his self-esteem and overall health.

The good news is that men’s health specialists at FullMast are often able to figure out the reasons behind a man’s challenges in the bedroom. Better yet, new treatments give men some great options to return to a healthy sex life.

But there’s a catch – the longer you wait to get treatment for your ED, the more difficult it will be to find treatment options that work for you. That’s why men who are experiencing these problems should call a clinic right away for quick and effective treatment.

Reasons why it’s a good idea to see a specialist immediately

Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea to see a specialist immediately when you start having trouble “getting it up” in the bedroom.

1) The earlier you address a health issue, the easier it is to treat.

Many people don’t know about just how many treatments are available for ED.  From exercise programs to SONICWAVE™, the modern man can do more than just take a pill to improve his sex life.

But the longer you wait, the less options you’ll have.

SONICWAVE™ is a great example of this. Our patients are often excited when they find out about this procedure, which is painless, non-surgical, clinically approved, and offers permanent results. However, a man who would have been able to use SONICWAVE™ when he first started experiencing ED may find the procedure ineffective a few years later. That’s because the underlying issues causing his erectile dysfunction have had the time to fester and create a more serious problem. Which brings us to our second point…

2) Your erectile dysfunction could signal serious medical problems.

Many people think that ED is a natural part of getting older. While it is true that erectile dysfunction affects nearly half of middle-aged and senior Canadian men, trouble “getting it up” usually reflects other issues in the body. Your brain, heart, hormones, and pelvic muscles are all involved in getting and maintaining an erection, so problems below the belt could signal serious health concerns.

ED can be one of the first signs of diabetes, heart disease, and prostate cancer. If you wait to see a specialist because you’re embarrassed, avoiding the issue, or simply believe it is normal, you could miss out on a life-saving diagnosis.

3) When sex lives are saved, relationships are saved.

Erectile dysfunction can be difficult for any relationship to face. The loss of physical intimacy can be hard for any couple, but the challenges don’t stop there. Those who do not seek help for their erectile dysfunction often send mixed messages to partners. Is he no longer attracted to me? Does he care about my needs? This can lead to communication breakdowns that affect the relationship in a big way.

Seeing a specialist about your erectile dysfunction sends a strong signal to your partner that you take your sex life together seriously. The sooner this is done, the better it will be for your relationship or marriage.

With ED, early treatment is effective treatment.

One of the main reasons people don’t seek treatment for their erectile dysfunction is that they are unaware of the many options they have. Many people think their only option is to take a pill.

That’s no longer the case. There are many ways to improve your ability to perform sexually, all of which can be discussed with a FullMast doctor as part of your multimodal treatment plan. As new technologies provide better treatment options for men, it’s critical to see a specialist as quickly as possible to better your health, relationship, and sex life.

If you live in the Toronto or Vancouver area, our doctors at FullMast Men’s Health Clinic are here to help. For your free, confidential consultation, call us at 1-844-500-1177 or schedule an appointment online today.