man exercising as part of therapies for erectile issues

Regain your mojo with FullMast’s proven therapies

Erectile dysfunction (ED) should be treated early with proven therapies for erectile issues. There are many causes and now there are new treatment options that are proven scientifically – and have helped millions of people regain their sex life.

FullMast specializes in treating ED – our practitioners are expert in understanding the causes and picking the best therapies to treat them.

The physiology of the male erection is complex involving hormones, blood, nerves and muscles. That is why FullMast uses an approach that is “multimodal.”

Multimodal therapies can include dietary changes, physical devices and exercises, testosterone replacement therapy, medications, counselling and SONICWAVE™.

SONICWAVE™ is a relatively new technology for treating ED. It is innovative for sexual health but the technology of “focused shockwave” for many years has been used in urology to break up kidney stones, in cardiology and by athletes to assist in the recovery from muscle and tendon injuries.

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