Regain the Sexual Spark
with Proven Therapies by FullMast

Ones ability to have fulfilling sexual relations is dependent on a number of intertwined biological systems. The doctors and therapists at FullMast Men’s Health Clinics are dedicated to diagnosing the causes of diminishing erectile performance and treating them using state-of-the-art technologies.

We have been treating erectile dysfunction since 2015 in Canada and optimizing our protocols to improve the sex lives of our patients.

Swiss Designed & Manufactured Technologies

FullMast employs top of the line Storz radial and focused shockwave technologies. Storz has been designing and manufacturing medical shockwave devices since 1987.

Since 2014 over 3 million men have been treated for erectile dysfunction worldwide and 19 clinical studies have been conducted.

Scientifically validated therapies 

Over 19 scientific studies have reported on the efficacy of shockwaves for treating erectile dysfunction. See here for more details.

The gold standard for validating medical therapies are double blind placebo controlled studies, where the patient and therapist do not know whether they are using the therapy or the placebo. This prevents the researchers and patients biasing the results either positively or negatively. With drugs it is straightforward to switch them out for a similarly shaped pill. However, as shockwave pulses can be felt – or not – it is impossible to blind the studies. The therapist and patient invariably can feel whether or not the therapy is actually being used.

Consequently medical authorities such as the Canadian Urological Association acknowledge that “Li-SWT is believed to be a safe procedure with virtually no short-term adverse effects reported” they call for more research particularly for the long term effects.

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