Our Team


Dr. Ron Mayer – Chief Medical Officer

After working as a physician in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Canada Ron worked as a C-suite leader in travel health insurance and chronic disease management companies. He has a degree in genetics and became a doctor of medicine at the University of Toronto.

“Nothing is more important than our health, and close, loving relationships help us stay healthy.”

Rohid Ali – Patient Intake Manager

A graduate in biomedical science from York University, Rohid is passionate about building his career in the healthcare field.

When you call Rohid will likely be the person who books your appointment.

Dr. C. Leonard De Bolster

Dr. De Bolster has 35 years of experience in male sexual and pelvic health, and he runs the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic, that has become one of Ontario’s foremost vasectomy practices. 

Dr. De Bolster’s background is uniquely valuable for the FullMast medical team. He was a prominent family physician in the Halton/Peel community, previously serving as Deputy Chief of the Department of Family Practice at Credit Valley Hospital and Director of Hospitalist Program at Credit Valley Hospital. 

He is a member, in good standing, of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

Learn more here about Dr. De Bolster and the FullMast West GTA, Oakville clinic.

Fardis Khazaeli

Fardis practiced as a family physician and laser therapist for 15 years before moving to Canada. His practice included procedures done by medical devices including but not limited to shockwaves, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), micro-needling and different laser devices like Diode lasers, Nd-YAG, Q-Switch, CO2 lasers, Erbium, Alexandrite and Pulsed Die Laser (PDL).

He started treating Erectile Dysfunction patients with diode lasers in 2008 after graduation from the “Laser Medicine” course, in Milad Hospital, the biggest hospital of the Middle East.

In 2012 with the introduction of Shockwave devices to the market, he switched laser therapy to shockwave therapy for sexual dysfunction patients due to its better results and having no side effects. He performed shockwave treatments for erectile dysfunction in FullMast North York location under the supervision of Dr. Ron Mayer.

He is also a proud husband and father. 

Fardis works at the FullMast clinic in Newmarket.

Brief video introducing Fardis…

Fardis Khazaeli

Jeyaram Duraisingam

Jeyaram is the therapist and runs the FullMast Clinic in Brampton.

Close to becoming a fully licensed doctor in Canada he will shortly complete his final exams and undertake a residency.

He studied at All Saints University School of Medicine in Dominica and subsequently worked as a research assistant in the fields of neurology and gastroenterology at the University of Chicago.

He switched from studying business to medicine because “I get tremendous satisfaction from helping people,” he reports.

Jeyaram has a baby daughter and stays fit with yoga and weight training.

Book therapy sessions with Jeyaram at the FullMast Clinic in Brampton.

Peter Marinatos

Peter runs the FullMast Downtown clinic.

Ever since he studied psychology at Trent University he has, in his spare time and career, made a habit of helping people with medical and lifestyle challenges.

He has many years experience as a medical and special needs support worker, providing essential services to all age groups from young children in pre-school through to seniors, particularly those with autism. He has worked for Family Services in Montreal and Toronto as well as running his own freelance staffing business.

Peter is accredited in first aid, CPR, crisis intervention and applied behaviour analysis.

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When SONICWAVE is prescribed six or more treatments are likely necessary. Therefore we have located our clinics close to highways with convenient parking.  

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