FullMast Men’s Health Clinics welcomed Dr. C. Leonard De Bolster to the team of experts as we expand our Toronto men’s health clinics to serve more of the GTA. With 32 years of experience in male sexual and pelvic health, Dr. De Bolster will lead our expansion in the Toronto area with a new FullMast Men’s Health Clinic location at 640 Ford Drive in West GTA, Oakville.

Map of FullMast Oakville clinic
FullMast Men’s Health Clinic is conveniently located where the QEW meets the 403 on Ford Drive

Since opening its first Toronto erectile dysfunction clinic in North York, FullMast has supported many patients from throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The clinic provides access to erectile dysfunction treatments such as SONICWAVE™ Therapy and multimodal treatment plans. For Dr. De Bolster, the effectiveness of these treatments and their growing popularity throughout the Greater Toronto Area could not be ignored.

“Throughout my decades of medical practice, I have seen many exciting developments that have truly changed people’s lives.” Dr. De Bolster says, reflecting on his career as a doctor focusing on men’s pelvic health. “The strides that have been made in erectile dysfunction treatments are truly remarkable, and FullMast Men’s Health Clinics in Toronto is using these technologies to their fullest potential. I look forward to helping them expand this practice so more men in the GTA can reclaim their sex lives. “

FullMast Clinic in Oakville
Health Centre in West GTA, Oakville is home to new FullMast Men’s Health Clinic

Dr. De Bolster’s background is uniquely valuable for the FullMast medical team. He is a family physician in the Halton/Peel community, working with urologists and other specialists.  He has previously served as Deputy Chief of the Department of Family Practice at Credit Valley Hospital and Director of Hospitalist Program at Credit Valley Hospital.  He is a member, in good standing, of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

He initiated his vasectomy practice at Credit Valley Hospital and then moved in 2003 to Ford Drive, starting the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic, that has become one of Ontario’s foremost vasectomy practices. “My patients’ sexual health questions and concerns often went well beyond fertility. To me, it was important to be able to help with all aspects of a man’s sexual and pelvic health. By joining FullMast, I can offer treatments that address these sensitive challenges in a private, safe, and effective way.”

While Dr. De Bolster’s experience is exemplary, it is his reputation for discretion, sensitivity and medical excellence that make him a truly exciting addition to FullMast Men’s Health Clinics in Toronto, with countless testimonials on third party sites highlighting his excellence as a men’s health expert.  This compassionate and professional approach has earned Dr. De Bolster has earned a 5-star “Helpfulness” rating on Rate MDs and a 4.9 rating on Ontario Doctor Directory.

Dr. De Bolster is pleased to provide SONICWAVE™ erectile dysfunction treatments in the GTA with new West GTA, Oakville Men’s Health Clinic.

New FullMast Clinic in Oakville
New FullMast Clinic in West GTA, Oakville

Dr. De Bolster has built his career around helping men access effective treatments that are as painless as possible. As his “So Simple Vasectomy Clinic” gained a reputation for easy and comfortable vasectomies, he became interested in other ways men could address sexual health challenges without experiencing pelvic pain. To him, the non-surgical and highly effective SONICWAVE™ therapy fit the bill.

“I like that SONICWAVE™ offers a non-surgical and drug-free option for men to treat their erectile dysfunction” Dr. De Bolster shares. “The use of high-frequency vibrations to affect tissues is not new in medicine, but the applications for erectile dysfunction are extraordinary. I have seen how effective this treatment has been in medical studies as well as with past FullMast patients, and look forward to helping more GTA men access this option.”

With two mens’ health clinics in Toronto overseen by physicians focusing on sexual health, we are pleased to bring this revolutionary treatment and other multimodal erectile dysfunction treatment options to many more men in Ontario.

We work in cooperation with Dr. Sandeep Sharma who runs the Oakville Rejuvenation Clinic.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. De Bolster in West GTA, Oakville or another Toronto erectile dysfunction specialist, call 1 844-500-1177 or Schedule an appointment.

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