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What are some things I can try at home to help with my erectile issues?

As a multimodal men’s health clinic, we use a variety of treatments and are often asked about natural remedies for erectile dysfunction or ways to cure ED permanently without pills. While we always recommend visiting one of our Toronto or Vancouver clinics to understand the causes and potential treatments for your ED, we do have some tips on how natural methods like sleep and exercise can help you get and keep a hard on.

Morning Sex Is Good For You – Science Shows

Lower blood pressure, decreased stress, and a boosted immune system - it’s hard to beat the health benefits of sex. Like most things that are good for your health, science says that intimacy in the

Make This One Change to Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re struggling to maintain your intimate life as your body ages, you’re not alone. Around half of Canadian men over 50 struggle with ED, and there seems to be no shortage of quick-fix solutions

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