please a woman in bed

How to please a woman in bed

Women’s bodies are very different than men’s, and we often hear questions about how to keep women sexually satisfied in the bedroom. Our Toronto and Vancouver sexual health experts are here to share the latest science, techniques, and tips on women’s physical desires. Since every woman is different, we’ll also give you communication tips and explain the signs of a sexually satisfied woman so you can understand whether your partner is enjoying herself – and how to turn her on even more.

How To Turn Her On – The Secrets You Need To Know

Learning how to sexually please a partner can be difficult for anyone, and continuing to please them throughout a relationship can be even more challenging. What happens when your physical relationship starts to dwindle? What

The Truth About Women “Faking It” In The Bedroom

It’s something many women do, but few will admit to their partners. It’s the punchline of jokes, the source of tension in some relationships, and the unspoken reality in bedrooms across the country. Yes, women

Sex is a relationship cleanser

“Marriage is a wonderful invention; but then again so is a bicycle repair kit,” so said Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian. And like bicycle tires, marriages often need some repairing. Research

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