erectile dysfunction

How to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship

Dating or being married to a man with erectile dysfunction can be difficult, especially if there are communication challenges or negative feelings. People with erectile dysfunction and their partners often face self-esteem issues, disconnection, or feelings of embarrassment. Our sexual health experts at Vancouver and Toronto clinics share the best tips for talking about erectile dysfunction with your partner and relationship strategies for couples facing ED.

Intimacy Without An Erection? What You Need To Know

Physical pleasure, feel-good hormones, increased closeness - there are so many reasons people crave a healthy sex life. While busy lives can get in the way of regular intimacy, most Canadians are able to find

How to Communicate in the Bedroom When Things Go Soft

For some, it happens suddenly. For others, it’s a long-term challenge. It happens to couples who are completely open, and to couples who have some trouble communicating. In fact, it affects the relationships of about

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