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If you are just getting back into dating and are finding it nerve-racking you are not alone. There are plenty of things to worry about. How should I dress? Where should we meet? Will I measure up? When you finally have intimate relations you certainly don’t want to be concerned about getting an erection. Give us a call at FullMast Men’s Health Clinics. We specialize in men’s sexual performance including treating erectile dysfunction and its underlying causes.

Improvement in Sexual Performance

Feel good about your performance

Have sex with confidence – it helps one stay healthy and happy. Erectile issues are common and they are now treatable using SONICWAVE. Unlike drugs SONICWAVE therapy is regenerative and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and nerves in the penis. 

Licensed Physicians

FullMast Clinics are Owned & Run by Licensed Physicians

We care about your sexual fulfillment as well as your overall health. Erectile performance issues often go together with underlying health problems that might need to be treated.

Meet one of our highly experienced, trained physicians to discuss your situation and likely results.

It is essential that your health is checked by a qualified, licensed physician. (If you call other clinics be sure to ask the actual credentials of their personnel).

SONICWAVE's effects on the penis

Advanced Scientifically Proven Technologies

No injections. No pain. Replaces drugs.

We use Swiss-made, state of the art devices. The acoustic waves are “focused” to stimulate the growth of blood vessels and nerves inside the penis using the body’s natural healing capabilities.

This scientifically-validated technology has been used in Europe with millions of patients over 15 years and is government-approved in Canada.

If you research competing clinics check if they use “radial” shockwave devices that have not been scientifically validated nor registered by Health Canada for treating erectile dysfunction.

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We are dedicated to getting the best results for our clients, and we ONLY recommend therapies we are confident will work. Check out the reviews and testimonials on third party websites.