Multimodal physical therapies


Multimodal physical therapies for more satisfying sex

Men achieve erections through a combination of biological events involving blood flow, nerve reflexes and muscles. When there is a dysfunction it is necessary to understand the causes and treat each of them. In most cases a single therapy is not enough. They have to be used in combination or “multimodally”.  

Like a muscle the penis can be strengthened through physical methods including strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. FullMast carries the leading products that facilitate physical strengthening.

Another mode is to stimulate the pudential nerve reflexes. This helps achieve an erection as well as stimulating a more intense orgasm.

Other modes include devices that encourage blood to enter the penis and help it lengthen and strengthen.

If you or your partner would benefit from having a harder, more sustainable erection you should book an appointment at a FullMast Men’s Health Clinic.

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