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As we age, we often lose the spark and intimacy in relationships, which are crucial and fulfilling aspects of our lives. Additionally, when we need to find new relationships, we may feel uncertain about ourselves.

The reasons for this are many. We might lack confidence in our sexual abilities, be concerned about our physical appearance and desirability, or feel inadequate compared to our partner. Feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and dissatisfaction in the bedroom are common, with as many as 30% of couples giving up on sex and intimacy, while many others find their relationships unfulfilling.

However, with a little courage and openness, and with the help of coaching, it is possible to reignite passion and find love and sexual fulfillment.

At FullMast, we understand that satisfying intimate relationships contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, we are committed to assisting adults, particularly as they mature, in benefiting from a fulfilling sex life.

Reclaim Sexual Confidence and Ignite Relationships with Our Help

If your intimate relationships aren’t working out and are unfulfilling you can do something about it. Benefit from FullMast therapies and explore ways to turn unsatisfying relationships into opportunities for discovery and growth.

Each person and couple is unique, so we do not practise one-size-fits-all solutions. We encounter many situations we have helped solve such as the following:

  • Some people wish to find new love and have lost their confidence and abilities to meet suitable partners.
  • Many people, both men and women, aren’t able to communicate their feelings and what they need to become satisfied.
  • Many want to feel more emotionally connected and feel good physically. And others wish to feel things they usually don’t have the chance to feel throughout the day.
  • And it is common for men to have difficulties getting sexually aroused or they suffer from premature ejaculation.

Meet the FullMast Sex & Intimacy Coach

I am Brian Tohana, a sex and intimacy coach here to support the growth and sexual wellbeing of individuals and couples. Note that I am not a registered psychologist or psychiatrist and consultations are not covered by most health plans.



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Either call or fill out this form to set up a 30 minute online consultation to meet Brian Tohana, FullMast’s Sex and Intimacy Coach.

During the meeting Brian will listen to you without judgement to understand your situation, together with your partner, if you wish. In this trusting and supportive environment you can express your desires, challenges, concerns and vulnerabilities.

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