Experience Greater Intimacy & Satisfying Sex Through Coaching

People who contact FullMast, both men and women, often do so because their love life is falling short of their needs. In some cases the reasons are physical challenges including erectile dysfunction, but in many cases the causes are emotional or due to problems in their personal relationships. 

These issues are extremely common but they are rarely addressed because they are personal and taboo, which deprives people of the health and happiness that is reasonable to wish for.

As people age they experience challenges such as relationships becoming unsatisfying and sexless or the need to build confidence and date again. Need Help Finding, Getting & Giving Love?

What are Couples’ Most Common Needs?

The first need is to feel emotionally connected. Couples want to feel close. They want to express their love and be loved. They want to desire their partner and feel desired. This is the emotional aspect of sex.

The second need is to feel good. Our bodies are made to experience pleasure. Couples want to have orgasms, and give their partner orgasms. They want to feel confident and capable of pleasing their partner.

The third need is to feel the things they don’t usually get to experience throughout the day. That can range from feeling powerful and in control, to letting go of control, or feeling completely free and uninhibited. Sexual creativity can rejuvenate and enrich their lives.

These needs are common and they contribute to overall health and happiness, but most people feel awkward, insecure or guilty satisfying these desires. Few people have learned the mental, emotional and relational skills they need to develop fulfilling sexual relationships.  Often habitual patterns, anxiety, insecurities and self-judgement get in the way, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

What is the First Step?

Each person and couple is unique, so we do not practise one-size-fits-all solutions. 

The first step is to contact us. Depending on your situation we’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. Then you can schedule a 30-minute no-obligation video consultation that is without charge.

During the consultation our Sex and Intimacy Coach listens to you without judgement to understand your situation, together with your partner, if you wish. In this trusting and supportive environment you can express your desires, challenges, concerns and vulnerabilities.

Watch this video to meet Brian, our Sex and Intimacy Coach.

What Does Sex and Intimacy Coaching Involve? 

You can benefit from coaching alone or with your partner. 

Each coaching session lasts one hour and can be conducted at our clinic downtown Toronto or via remote video chat. The number of sessions required varies.

Brian will work with you to develop a personalised approach to meet your unique needs. Themes include but are not limited to reigniting attraction and desire, breaking through judgments and beliefs that stifle intimacy and reinventing your relationship to communicate and connect in new ways. 

Activities in session can range between talking and coaching to experiential work, which can include touch with your partner if they’re comfortable. Clients are empowered with choice at all times and are in full control over which activities are explored.

Note that coaching is rarely covered by insurance and health plans.