Sex in tub

It’s easy to see how hot tubs earned their reputation for getting people in the mood. The calming lights, the warm water, and the sensation of the jets can make this a pretty romantic spot. Of course, the lack of clothes doesn’t hurt either.

An underwater encounter might seem like a good idea, but there are a few things you should know before going too far. While a dip in the hot tub can be a great place to start heating things up, it’s usually worthwhile to move inside when things get really steamy.

What are the health risks of having sex in a hot tub?

The water itself isn’t the issue here – it’s other things in the water which could cause a problem. Chemicals like chlorine which are present in the hot tub (or any other pool, for that matter) can affect the pH of the vagina. During sex, chemical-filled water can get inside of a woman, leading to a UTI or yeast infection.

Underwater sex can also wash away a woman’s natural lubrication, which can make sex much less enjoyable. Some people will even emerge from this less-than-satisfying situation with an uncomfortable rash (if this has already happened to you, don’t fret – these usually go away in a few days).

Another thing to consider is STIs. Condom companies don’t test their products under water, and your protection is more likely to weaken, break, or slide off in this new environment. This, combined with the aforementioned lack of lubrication, makes contracting an STI (or unplanned pregnancy) a real possibility during hot tub sex.

How far is it safe to go in a hot tub?

Here’s the good news: All the risks above only apply to penetration. That means touching, kissing, and other foreplay activities are safe for couples in a hot tub.

So go ahead, have some fun! Just remember that when it comes to comfort and safety, saving sex for dry land might be the best bet.

Could my ED be caused by spending too much time in the hot tub?

As a Men’s Health Clinic, many of the questions we hear about hot tubs have to do with their effects on male performance. Our answer to these questions almost always depends on the person asking, and ruling out more serious health issues is important to understand exactly what is going on with an individual’s body.

Generally, you’re safe to use a hot tub in moderation. But if you’re noticing a trend with hot tub use and erectile dysfunction, it’s worthwhile to talk to a specialist about what is going on.

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Note: in the context of this article “specialist” does not refer to a medical specialist such as an urologist.