Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Mayer

FullMast’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Mayer is a regular guest on Marilyn Wetston’s show “From a woman’s perspective”. Show airs on Zoomer Radio every Saturday and Dr. Mayer’s segment is on every second Saturday in a month. Tune in to listen to Dr. Mayer talk penis “tune up” with painless SONICWAVE™ treatment.

On the newest show Dr. Mayer reminds men that erectile dysfunction can be treated even if there are other health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions or gout.

You can listen to the whole show here.

For next FAWP featuring Dr. Mayer tune in on Saturday, September 8 at 8am on AM740, 96.7 FM Toronto, and Rogers 949.

About “From A Woman’s Perspective”

Marilyn Wetston“From A Woman’s Perspective” is the weekly radio program featuring Marilyn Wetston (host and producer) and her special guests (Sponsor-Experts). It airs every Saturday morning at 8 on AM740, 96.7 FM Toronto, and Rogers 949.

Each week Marilyn explores fascinating topics relevant to ‘Zoomer’ women and men.

While Marilyn is known as “The Wardrobe Doctor” and owns the landmark Toronto store Marilyn’s in Toronto’s Fashion District, the show is not just about fashion.