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Erectile challenges need not be tolerated. In the past, the medical community didn’t treat men’s sexual challenges seriously. Then PDE5 drugs such as Viagra™ and Cialis™ came along. Further study showed that intimate relations and an active sex life are good for health, and loneliness is not only painful, it also decreases longevity. Strong erections and a healthy sex life are important but few physicians specialize in its treatment.  

Scientists have also discovered that the physiology of the male erection is complex. It involves a spectrum of systems including blood flow into the penis, as well as constriction of the flow out that is partly controlled by the muscles of the pelvic floor. It also involves complex reflexes of several nerves. And therefore the system involves hormones, blood, nerves and muscles.

There are many potential causes of ED including circulatory problems, diabetes, prostate cancer, gout, low testosterone levels and lifestyle factors such as diet and stress. Everyone is unique and therefore when visiting FullMast Men’s Health Clinics the first step is a thorough medical check-up.  One of our own physicians or a referring physician will conduct the check up – the cost of which is generally covered by provincial health plans.

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  • Loving relationships and sex make couples happier and live longer.
  • The quicker you get treatment the better it works.
  • A soft erection indicates there may be problems with your testosterone levels, heart, circulation or other problems that should be checked out by our medical doctors.
  • Sometimes treatments involve diet and lifestyle changes, sometimes counselling, sometimes medications, sometimes Testosterone Replacement Therapy and where appropriate SONICWAVE therapy.

Our approach is “multimodal” and tailored to the condition of each individual:


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