Celebrate Valentine’s With a Harder Erection

What do most couples really want on Valentine’s day?

A card? Yes. A romantic dinner? Perhaps.

Most dream of deliciously romantic and sensual lovemaking.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day FullMast is airing a spot on Q107 and AM640 radio a spot that states, “Sometimes, when you’re looking forward to a special Valentine’s Day for you and her, things don’t go EXACTLY as planned.  Don’t worry… FullMast Men’s Health Clinics are here to help!  Celebrate Valentine’s Day by going on the “FullMast” journey with Dual Action SONICWAVE treatment.”

Then the announcer states, “For a quick and easy resolution that’ll have lasting effects for you and her, visit FullMast Men’s Health Clinic. Doctor supervised erectile performance clinics with 5 convenient locations across the GTA.

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You can play the advertisement here: