Your New Year’s Resolution? Why Not Make More Love?

It’s that time of the year when we promise ourselves to lose weight, do more exercise or achieve other personal objectives.

We don’t often hear of people promising themselves they should make love more often, but we should because scientific studies show that sex is healthy for both him and her.

To usher in 2023 we aired this radio ad on Q107 and AM640 in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The ad starts with a guy rolling his eyes when his partner mentions new year’s resolutions.

He says, “It’s the New Year… so you’re going to say “let’s get gym memberships”. We’ll go for a couple weeks and then… we’ll stop. Right?”

She answers, “No, this year I was thinking of a different resolution… A FullMast resolution…”

Then the announcer states, “For a quick and easy resolution that’ll have lasting effects for you and her, visit FullMast Men’s Health Clinic. Doctor supervised erectile performance clinics with 5 convenient locations across the GTA.

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You can play the advertisement here: