Dr Mayer
Dr. Ron Mayer, FullMast’s Clinical Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each visit take?

We aim to take less than 1 hour of your time for the initial consultation. When our physician is confident you will benefit from the therapy we can generally start the course of treatments immediately. Please book an appointment before you visit so we can attend to you promptly.

Subsequent treatments generally take less than 20 minutes.

We aim to avoid our clients having to sit in a reception area for treatment and schedule patients so they can be treated without waiting.

Does it hurt?

Most men do not find the treatment at all painful. FullMast employs breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE: Focused and radial. Focused waves can hardly be felt. 

Some patients feel the radial SONICWAVE is slightly painful in which case our therapist will apply a topical anaesthetic – or numbing cream – which eliminated the pain. Radial SONICWAVE can cause the penis to redden and swell. This goes away after a couple of hours.  

When I visit FullMast will I be given a medical check up?

If you experience ED the answer is yes. You will be required to fill out health questionnaires online or on a tablet. The answers will be reviewed by one of our doctors either in person or online. We will ascertain whether SONICWAVE treatment is appropriate and whether you have other medical concerns that require further attention.

If you are not suffering from adverse medical conditions and require the FullMast Boost protocol you do not need to have an appointment with one of our physicians.

Will I have to pay for the initial consult and medical check up?

The initial medical consultation with one of our physicians, with the assistance of our therapists, is free. Any charges that are reimbursable through provincial health plans will be handled by us.

If you do not have a Canadian Health Card the initial consultation cost $175.

Are you selling a specific drug, therapy or devices?

FullMast is a men’s health clinic that treats sexual health issues with the therapies that are best for the individual. We operate according to evidence-based and up-to-date medical protocols. We use Dual-action SONICWAVE to treat erectile dysfunction. If medications are required for they are often covered by health plans. In some cases we might recommend purchasing nutritional supplements or medical devices.

Do FullMast physicians prescribe testosterone?

We never prescribe testosterone as a general pick-me-up or to help bulking up in the gym.

However when levels of the hormone testosterone are unusually low it can result in a low sex drive, difficulty getting an erection, increased belly fat and overall feelings of tiredness. This can be treated by boosting levels of the hormone in the blood. The science relating to testosterone therapy has been advancing and when supervised by a qualified physician it is safe.

We ascertain the need for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with a blood test.

Has SONICWAVE™ been medically proven to work?

Yes. The technology has been used in a number of medical studies by respected medical scientists using approaches that attempt to discount personal bias.

Some of the studies have been set up similar to trials of drugs and are randomized, double-blind and sham-controlled. However, these types of studies are nearly impossible to conduct because it is generally clear to the therapist and the patient which studies are sham, because each can feel whether or not the shockwaves are being administered. Details of the studies are available on the SONICWAVE website. The true evidence is that hundreds of thousands of patients are enjoying the benefits of the therapy – mostly in Europe and Israel, where it has been in use for over a decade.

Are injections necessary?

Dual-action SONICWAVE does not require injections such as the PRP or the P-Shot. For more information on PRP treatments and why FullMast does not use them.

Is SONICWAVE™ available for residents of the United States?

At this point in time focused SONICWAVE™ and extracorporeal shock wave devices have not been approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

The contents of this website are not intended for U.S. citizens and focused shockwave therapy at this point is not openly available in the United States.

How much does the SONICWAVE™ treatment cost?

The initial medical check-up and consultation is free. (Fees may be covered by provincial health plans). During the first visit the costs for SONICWAVE™ will be explained to customers who are eligible. The treatment can be paid for by Interac or credit card. Book an appointment and we will explain the costs.

Is the treatment confidential?

We treat all communications as private and the whole process discrete. It is necessary to book an appointment so you are not kept waiting.  All our clinics operate alongside other medical practices such as general practitioners and physiotherapists and therefore it is not apparent to others the reason for your visit.  When we talk to customers on the phone we will first verify their name and then announce ourselves as “The health clinic.” Charges on bank statements are shown as “Canadian Health Clinic TBD”.

Can I be treated at home?

No. SONICWAVE™ requires expensive, sophisticated equipment that is operated out of our clinics by trained therapists.

Is SONICWAVE™ covered by OHIP and provincial health plans?

The cost of SONICWAVE™ treatments is not covered by government health plans. Like dental care and optical services SONICWAVE™ has to be paid for by the individual.

The initial consultation is no charge with a valid Canadian Health Card.

Does Coronavirus and COVID-19 Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes in some cases. We get calls from men who have suffered from COVID and experience erectile issues as a result. More information is here.

Does SONICWAVE™ work after radical prostatectomy?

We have treated many patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by prostate surgery and SONICWAVE has helped them recover.  A number of clinical studies have been published over the last few years that show that recovery of penile function is enhanced by these therapies. See further details about shockwave and prostatectomies here. The benefits take longer than usual to take hold – generally weeks or a few months after the course of treatments. As with all hospital treatments our physicians need to evaluate your specific situation and counsel you accordingly.

Should I discuss my erectile challenges with my partner?

We consider erectile challenges to be similar to other medical matters. If you tore a muscle you wouldn’t try to keep it a secret. Often partners interpret erectile challenges as being a reflection of their own sexiness, or because of unfaithfulness and they are relieved when the matter is just medical – and treatable.

Can I bring my partner to the FullMast clinic?

Yes, you are welcome – we encourage it.

Does FullMast cater to gay men?

Of course. Erectile challenges do not discriminate and nor do we.

How long does the cure work for?

There have been studies following patients for several years and the results remain positive. In many ways erectile challenges are similar to other overall health conditions. The results are better if you eat healthy foods, don’t overeat, don’t smoke and exercise regularly. The penis is like a muscle and muscles are stronger with regular use. Regular sexual activity including masturbation will help keep it healthy.

I take drugs like Viagra® and Cialis®. Is SONICWAVE™ suitable?

There have been studies following patients for several years and the results Yes. In some cases SONICWAVE™ will eliminate the need to continue taking drugs like these. It has also been shown to work where these medications do not work. And in some cases the therapies work well together.