Peyronie’s Treatment in Toronto 

Are you hearing the term Peyronie’s Disease for the first time? Peyronie’s Disease is the curvature of the penis due to the buildup of scar tissue. When the curvature is extreme it interferes with sex and can result in anxiety, depression and stress. The experienced physicians at FullMast Men’s Health Clinics in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of Peyronie’s Treatment.

Studies show many men in Toronto are diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease and suffer from depression. Due to the sensitive nature of the disease, most men do not feel comfortable talking about Peyronie’s disease with their family, friends, or physician. If not diagnosed early, Peyronie’s disease can cause erection issues and leads to unsatisfied sexual relations.

Let us explore some facts about Peyronie’s Disease and its treatment in Toronto!

How common is Peyronie’s Disease?

About 7 out of 100 men between 40 to 70 ages live with Peyronie’s disease. The condition is found rarely in young men. Most cases are first revealed in men in their 30s. If you suffer from Peyronie’s, reach out to a licensed physician to get it treated. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or the Niagara Region call FullMast to book an appointment with one of our physicians.

Is Peyronie’s Disease Treatable?

Yes, it is treatable. It is easier to correct during the acute or early stage.

Early diagnosis and Peyronie’s Disease treatment can prevent the condition from getting worse. At FullMast Men’s Health Clinics in Toronto, our Peyronie’s treatment ensures giving you relief from troublesome symptoms like penile shortening, pain, and curvature.

If you start the Peyronie’s Disease treatment early, you can avoid some severe complications, like

  • Unable to lead a good sexual life
  • Chronic penile pain
  • Reduced penis girth or length
  • Erectile dysfunction and more

You need to know that Peyronie’s Disease is treatable at any stage.

What about Nutritional Supplements, Ointments and Drugs? See here for more information.

Can I Lead a Healthy Sexual Life Again?

Peyronie’s disease can impact your sex life! With proper treatment, you can see improvements in penile shortening, curvature, and having penetrative sex. Our non-invasive and painless SONICWAVE treatment for Peyronie’s disease softens the damage and along with traction can straighten the penis.

Why Live with Peyronie’s Disease?

Most men having Peyronie’s Disease experience relationship issues due to lack of intimacy. You should be open and honest to talk with your partner about the condition. It helps strengthen your bond. Intimacy with non-sexual ways like kissing or cuddling is the best way to maintain your bond white treatment is sought.

You do not have to live with Peyronie’s Disease? Seek a helpful consultation and the best solution for Peyronie’s Disease treatment in Toronto at FullMast Men’s Health Clinics to deal with the condition!

If you suffer from Peyronie’s Disease give us a call today at 1-844-500-1177!