Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re struggling to maintain your intimate life as your body ages, you’re not alone. Around half of Canadian men over 50 struggle with ED, and there seems to be no shortage of quick-fix solutions online.

But recent research into physical well-being and performance challenges in men has shown that something other than pills can keep your motor running. According to a recent study, physical exercise plays a significant role in preventing and treating erectile issues.

Reuters reported on the ground-breaking study, stating that “A growing body of evidence has suggested physical activity could improve erectile function, but the authors of the new report say that until now, no one had looked at all the studies together.”

While we’ve always known that a healthy body and mind can make a difference in the bedroom, this new research shows that exercise specifically is truly a game-changer for many men concerned with their intimate health.

Just How Much of a Difference Can Exercise Make?

As always, results depend on the individual. On average, however, the difference can be significant: The study found that, on the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (a scale of 5-25, with 5 being extreme ED and 25 being none whatsoever), men who performed aerobic exercises regularly had their scores increase by an average 3.85 points. Researchers note that this figure is only slightly lower than the average results seen by men who take medication for their ED.

This impact was particularly noteworthy for men who were previously unhealthy and at risk for heart disease. Exercise in combination with other treatments, including medications, had the highest rate of success.

The big lesson for men looking to improve their situation? Make sure your doctor considers physical activity as part of your treatment, and ask about what long-term solutions could exist for you outside of a prescription.

What Does This Mean For You?

These results are no surprise to us at FullMast – we specialize in building comprehensive ED treatment programs for men, and physical exercise is often an important component of that.

Keeping your heart healthy and your blood flowing are key to living and loving “full mast,” so exercise is often recommended for both treating ED and preventing it. Whether you’ve been struggling with the issue for years or have never had a problem in your life, exercise can help you keep things functioning for years to come.

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