Diabetes and erectile dysfunction should not mean the end of your love life

[/fusion_title][fusion_text]A common complaint amongst men suffering from diabetes is an inability to get or maintain an erection.

However there are treatments such as SONICWAVE, which triggers cell growth in the penis and improves circulation. If you are suffering you should visit a FullMast Men’s Health Clinic and check out your options.

One of our physicians will give you a thorough medical exam and explain your best options for treatment.



Erectile concerns are common and treatable


Erectile concerns are common and treatable

  • There are many reasons why men cannot get an erection. It is not a natural consequence of aging nor should either partner blame themselves.
  • The commonly used ED drugs sometimes don’t work well, have side effects and reduce spontaneity. Now there are alternatives that are safe and effective.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a medical problem and nothing to be ashamed of. If you tore a muscle you wouldn’t hesitate to get treatment.


Want better sex? Why you should get treatment now:

  • Loving relationships and sex make couples happier and live longer.
  • The quicker you get treatment the better it works.
  • A soft erection indicates there may be problems with your testosterone levels, heart, circulation or other problems that should be checked out by our medical doctors.

SONICWAVE™ is an innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction



  • It is regenerative and pain free.
  • It is suitable for men who don’t want to take erectile drugs.
  • It is clinically proven and safe. Similar low intensity shock wave or “sound wave” technology has been used for years to treat tendon and joint injuries.


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