Why Erectile Revita-lization?

FullMast has been operating in Canada since 2015 with clinics in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. We have heard the concerns of thousands of patients. The variety of concerns is diverse. Some patients are in their 20s and concerned because the effects of years of watching porn has desensitized them to in-the-flesh sexual enjoyment with their partners. Others are bothered by premature ejaculation. The excitement of being with a partner leads to them ejaculating the moment their partner touches their penis.

The most common concerns relate to men who are unable to get an erection that is hard enough for satisfying sex. When this occurs repeatedly it is known as erectile dysfunction or ED.

Many men don’t suffer from ED but as a result of aging, busy lives and stress they do not experience the satisfying sex they had when younger. These patients might just need a sexual boost.

Visit our clinics with your partner to revive, rejuvenate, revita-lize your sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction or Boost?

If sexual health is important to you and you are bothered by changes in your ability to get and sustain a hard enough erection for satisfying sex – or if you wish to revitalize and rejuvenate your sexual abilities call FullMast.

For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) we’ll book you in for an appointment to see one of our licensed medical doctors.

To revitalize hardness and sensitivity there is no need to see one of our physicians. Book treatments at one of our conveniently locate clinics in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

FullMast Uses Breakthrough Dual-action
SONICWAVE Technology

FullMast is different to other ED clinics because we use breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE.

SONICWAVE technology stimulates the penis to regenerate using its natural repair mechanisms. It is needle-free, surgery-free and drug-free.

Benefit from premium Swiss technology that is Dual-action. The Focused Waves treat deeper areas and Radial treats the erectile tissues that are nearer the surface.




Why Choose FullMast

  • Tailored sexual Revitalization & Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
  • Breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE
  • Scientifically Proven Technologies
  • No fuss Boost Protocols particularly suitable for patients under 40 years old.
  • Conveniently Located Clinics Across the GTA
  • Book a Consultation. It is Free & Discrete.