Why Love Erectile Health?

Erectile Health Contributes to Overall Good Health

It feels great to make love regularly and it also contributes to overall health.

As men age the ability to get an erection hard enough for lovemaking diminishes. But the need for intimacy and sex remains strong.

FullMast specializes in helping men regain the erectile performance they need for satisfying intimate relations.

We often treat men in their 80s who regain their performance and then describe their sexual intimacies with a sparkle in their eyes.

Revitalizing Erectile Performance

As men age erectile performance diminishes. That is very common. Men in their 40’s don’t have the performance they had in their 20’s. And 50% of men in their 50’s experience erectile dysfunction and aren’t able to have an erection hard enough for satisfying sex.

There are solutions. For most cases of erectile dysfunction SONICWAVE will stimulate the regeneration of nerves and blood vessels.

Regain Hardness & Sensitivity with Dual-action SONICWAVE

SONICWAVE technology stimulates the penis to regenerate using its natural repair mechanisms. It is needle-free, surgery-free and drug-free.

Benefit from premium Swiss technology that is Dual-action. The Focused Waves treat deeper areas and Radial treats the erectile tissues that are nearer the surface.

Most other clinics in North America use one or other of the technologies. Our experience from treating thousands of patients since 2015 is that the combination achieves the best results.

A More Satisfying Love Life Awaits.