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Erectile concerns are common and treatable

Perhaps your partner has noticed that you longer feel like having sex very often – or ever? Perhaps you suspect “andropause”, low-T, or “male menopause”. Perhaps you are unsure about the options and their safety? 

A low sex drive can be caused by stress, diet, lack of exercise which result in medical conditions that should be addressed. Low energy levels and a lack of desire are conditions that should not be ignored. Intimate relationships and an active sex life are a desirable part of life and necessary for full health.

If you or your loved one has noticed a diminished sex drive visit a FullMast Men’s Health Clinic and get a medical check up, at no charge. One of our physicians can explain your treatment options.

Want better sex? Why you should get treatment now:


  • Loving relationships and sex make couples happier and live longer.
  • The quicker you get treatment the better it works.
  • A soft erection indicates there may be problems with your testosterone levels, heart, circulation or other problems that should be checked out by our medical doctors.

Our approach is “multimodal” and tailored to the condition of each client:


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