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Why You Deserve a Doc When Dealing with Intimacy Issues?

Intimacy issues aren’t always easy to talk about. Over-the-counter pills, online quick fixes, or even just ignoring it can seem easier than calling a clinic, especially if the challenge of getting and maintaining state of arousal is new to you.

We know. We get it. But you and your partner deserve to know what’s going on with your body. A doctor who specializes in erectile dysfunction can decipher the real reasons your penis isn’t performing. And that doesn’t just make the process of finding the right treatment quicker and easier–it could also save your life.

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be a Symptom of More Serious Problems

An erection occurs when the arteries in your penis receive signals from the brain to let more blood flow in. This process involves a lot of important parts of your body including the circulatory system, the nervous system, your pelvic muscles, and even your brain.

This means that when you experience challenges getting or maintaining an erection, the causes could involve many different and critical parts of your body.

That matters to a doctor, and it should matter to you. It matters that erectile dysfunction could signal high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or even diabetes. It matters, too, that you have options for erectile dysfunction treatments which take those underlying issues into account.

Dr. Ron Mayer at FullMast identifies and treats the causes of erectile dysfunction. That’s good news not only for your sex life, but your well-being in general.

Getting Help for Erectile Dysfunction is Easier Than You Think

An erectile dysfunction specialist is just that: a specialist. Our doctors spend all day talking to men and their partners about their sexual health. That means they’re experts in not only treating ED, but in making sure people are comfortable with the process.

Don’t know anything about erectile dysfunction? We will walk you through any questions you have. Don’t want to take pills? We have great treatments that don’t involve medication. Need support navigating erectile dysfunction with your partner? We know just the person to help.

Going to a doctor for your erectile dysfunction not only helps you to improve your health, it opens up possibilities and resources that you may not have even known existed before your visit.

Oh…and it works.

Alternatives to a visit to your doctor, like over-the-counter pills, don’t have a great track record. While they may work for some, success can be short-lived. That’s because these band-aid solutions don’t address the core health issues at play with your erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue, and seeking treatment from a specialist is the smartest way to address it. Your sex life, your body, and your health deserve a holistic, informed approach which only an erectile dysfunction specialist can provide.

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