Recover from COVID Erectile Dysfunction with Breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE

In some cases a side effect of becoming ill with COVID is erectile dysfunction.

FullMast is here to help with clinics conveniently located throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

We specialize in treating ED using SONICWAVE – a non-needle, non-drug long term therapy without adverse side effects.


Breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE Therapy for Enhanced Erectile Performance


We are different to other clinics as we use SONICWAVE that is Dual-action treating both the surface tissues as well as reaching and regenerating deeper blood vessels.

Dual-action SONICWAVE causes blood vessels and nerves to regenerate for a harder erection and greater sensitivity that lasts.


Licensed Medical Doctors Supervise FullMast Therapies


Our team of licensed medical doctors specialize in erectile health. We care about your sexual fulfillment as well as your overall health.

We are dedicated to getting the best results for our clients, and we ONLY recommend therapies we are confident will work.

Our patients rate us the highest. The testimonials on our website are real; please check them out here.


Rejuvenate your Sex Life – Earlier is Better


  • Free initial consultation with a valid Canadian Health Card
  • Meet one of our highly experienced physicians
  • No referral needed
  • High success rates
  • Discrete and fully confidential
  • Better results when addressed earlier

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