Radio Ad: FullMast All the TIme

In the new radio spot airing on Toronto's rock station Q107, we have some fun with the word fullmast which bleeps out "making love." The everyday guy says, "My wife and I? We make love all the

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Keep You From Loving

FullMast has partnered up with Maclean's Magazine to bring awareness to men's health issues. This campaign will appear in print across Canada and at Maclean's Magazine partnered conferences and events throughout the summer.

Why Smart Men Talk About Sex

An article in Preferred Magazine by Dr. Ron Mayer He’s happy. He’s healthy. His sleep quality, life expectancy, and relationships are now top notch. His secret is simple: This man is having sex. It sounds easy enough. But what

Rescue Your Sex Life & Save The Relationship

FullMast doctors have a message for men across Canada: If you’re struggling to “get it up,” pick up the phone and call a specialist as soon as possible. “Erectile dysfunction” or “ED” is the term for a man

SONICWAVE Treatment Brings Happiness To Relationships

FullMast's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Mayer is a regular guest on Marilyn Wetston's show "From a woman's perspective". Show airs on Zoomer Radio every Saturday and Dr. Mayer's segment is on every second Saturday in a month. Tune in to

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