With the SONICWAVE my performance is like turning the clock back almost 30 years back.  I like knowing that I don’t have anything synthetic in my system.

From the third treatment, I noticed a rejuvenation of blood flow. That’s what the system has given me  – rebirth of arteries and cells, and things coming to life. About the best way I can state it, it’s like a resurrection of a dead part of the body. It was amazing. I mean you actually feel the blood flow, and the stiffness and erection. The length, the duration of the erection, and it maintains, as if I was in my 30’s.

It’s given me the confidence that I don’t have to pop anything, or worry about the effects of drugs, how long will they work? It’s given me a sex life back.  

My journey…

“At around age 40 I noticed a problem, I thought it was just because of stress, problems at work, and other illnesses, but then I noticed it wasn’t going away. I went to see one doctor at a clinic who gave me injections and said, “This should improve it, but you’re gonna have to still take the synthetic drugs.” Then I went to another, and all he said was, “Just take the blue and the yellow pill, whatever.” The synthetic drugs had side effects, like blurred vision and it affected my sinuses and breathing. Then I turned to vitamins, diet and exercise. And serums that guaranteed growth and Superman abilities. They didn’t hurt me, but they didn’t give me back what I was born with.

About FullMast Men’s Health Clinics

“I just want people to know the quality of service, the confidence and the concern I’ve received at FullMast. Everything made me feel comfortable and reassured. I was treated properly and with a system that made a positive change.”    

Antonio Lio, June 2018