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How to be intimate with a partner who has erectile dysfunction

When your partner has erectile issues, it may be difficult to know what to do. How do you satisfy or turn on a man who is having difficulty getting an erection? Can you stimulate your partner or make love when ED is involved? Is it possible for couples dealing with erectile dysfunction to maintain their connection in the bedroom? FullMast offers treatments from Toronto and Vancouver experts on how to cope with erectile dysfunction in your most intimate moments.

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    For some, it happens suddenly. For others, it’s a long-term challenge. It happens to couples who are completely open, and to couples who have some trouble communicating. In fact, it affects the relationships of about half of Canadian men over 50. Yes, half. It’s that common for things to stop working or slow down in […]
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    Julia, a 57-year-old woman presented to my clinic because her husband John of 20 years had lost interest in having sex with her which resulted in them living in a sexless marriage for the previous two years. Julie was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions thinking she was no longer desirable or that he was […]

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