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Does erectile dysfunction signal more serious health problems?

Difficulty getting hard can be a symptom of more serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. It is important for men to understand the common health issues associated with ED to both care for their well-being and find the right treatments. We recommend that Toronto and Vancouver men visit a men’s health clinic at the first sign of erectile challenges, as attention from a doctor on this matter could save your life.

  • Sex, Scams, and Science: Why You Deserve a Doc When Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction
    Dealing with erectile dysfunction isn’t easy to talk about. Over-the-counter pills, online quick fixes, or even just ignoring it can seem easier than calling a men’s health clinic, especially if the challenge of getting and maintaining an erection is new to you. We know. We get it. But you and your partner deserve to know […]
  • The One Surprising Question Your Doctor Never Asks But Should
    Men should talk to their doctors about their sexual health. It’s easy enough to say, but following this advice is often a challenge. Both men and their doctors can take steps to make it easier to connect on issues of sexual health.  For patients, this involves seeing a family doctor for regular checkups and being […]
  • 8 Questions With FullMast’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Mayer
    1-Hello, Dr. Mayer. Thank you for sitting down with me today. Would you mind discussing the main issues that come up most often in your clinic? Well, primarily, men come into the FullMast clinic for erectile issues and questions about testosterone therapy. When a man comes into our office, and he’s around 45 years old […]

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