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Dating and intimacy in older age

Growing old in a marriage or taking on a new relationship later in life can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also give rise to many questions. What kind of relationship and sex advice is most important for seniors? Is it possible to have a fulfilling sex life in old age? How does intimacy change as we get older? Our sexual health experts in Toronto answer all these questions to help people experience safe and satisfying love lives and intimacy at any age.

Can a 70 year old be sexually active?

We are asked this question often, particularly as either the man or woman in a relationship loses the interest or capacity to make love.

As with other physical and mental activities the ability to maintain an active sex life can be sustained through continual activity. In fact some older couples say their lovemaking becomes more satisfying as they age.

However, older couples frequently report challenges, most of which can be addressed.

Common challenges amongst older couples

One survey amongst Americans reported that approximately 50% of those who were sexually active had at least one issue with their sexual health. For women, the most common issues were low libido (43%), difficulty becoming lubricated (39%), and difficulty achieving orgasm (34%). Men most commonly experienced erectile dysfunction (37%), and 14% of all men took medication or supplements to improve their sexual function.

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