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What causes erectile dysfunction?

When you are dealing with ED for the first time, it can be difficult to understand what is happening to your body. Our doctors in Toronto and Vancouver keep up-to-date on the latest science to understand why erectile dysfunction happens and what to do about it. These articles explore some of the most common mental, emotional, and physiological causes for erectile issues.

  • Does Infection from the Coronavirus and COVID-19 Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?
    For some patients evidently. The evidence comes in a number of ways. Firstly, anecdotally. We have been seeing patients who report they noticed a fall off in the hardness of their erections after they suffered from COVID. We have not been collecting data, at this point, on their history of vaccinations, antibody testing and related […]
  • Porn Can Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction
    It’s the conclusion that many articles, websites, and recent conversations have come to: When young men deal with ED, pornography is sometimes the culprit. As a medical clinic, the question we ask is always the same: What do the facts say? Does science have the answer to the question “Can porn really cause erectile dysfunction?” […]
  • SONICWAVE Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Resulting from Radical Prostatectomy
    Initial caution… then Good News. The medical community has been cautious about treating erectile dysfunction caused by radical prostatectomy for understandable reasons. The nerve that runs through the prostate gland is delicate and easily damaged by the surgery and further disturbance by low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) – SONICWAVE as we term it – […]
  • Yes, bike riding may cause erectile dysfunction and how to avoid it
    After 12 years riding the same bike seat, on average of 20 kms a day, George began to notice gradual erectile dysfunction issues in the past five years. “My first thought was that it was related to cycling.” He didn’t experience numbness, as a precursor, but instead, it just wasn’t working in the bedroom. His […]
  • Sex, Scams, and Science: Why You Deserve a Doc When Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction
    Dealing with erectile dysfunction isn’t easy to talk about. Over-the-counter pills, online quick fixes, or even just ignoring it can seem easier than calling a men’s health clinic, especially if the challenge of getting and maintaining an erection is new to you. We know. We get it. But you and your partner deserve to know […]

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