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What are the best treatments for erectile dysfunction?

When you visit FullMast Men’s Health Clinics in Vancouver and Toronto, our doctors will present you with a combination of remedies in an effort to permanently resolve your erectile issues. Here is some in-depth information about the different treatments we use, how they work, and which ones may be best for you.

  • How Does SONICWAVE™ Treat Erectile Dysfunction?
    At FullMast Men’s Health Clinic, we know erectile dysfunction is a big deal. It’s a big deal in our communities, where half of all men over the age of fifty face erectile concerns. It’s a major issue in the bedrooms of our patients, in budding romances, and in otherwise happy marriages. It can signal life-threatening […]
  • Are Erectile Dysfunction Pills Right For Me?
    Prescription pills, such as Cialis and Viagra, are among the most commonly used treatments for erectile dysfunction. How do pills like Viagra and Cialis work? Are these pills an effective long-term solution? Which pill, if any, is right for me? As a Men’s Health Clinic, we hear questions like these all the time. It is […]
  • 8 Questions With FullMast’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Mayer
    1-Hello, Dr. Mayer. Thank you for sitting down with me today. Would you mind discussing the main issues that come up most often in your clinic? Well, primarily, men come into the FullMast clinic for erectile issues and questions about testosterone therapy. When a man comes into our office, and he’s around 45 years old […]
  • What to do about erectile dysfunction?
    “A quarter of new patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) are younger than 40, yet many are quick to mock young men who struggle with getting or maintaining an erection,” writes Laura Donovan in an article in attn. The article recounts a post from a young guy on Reddit that describes his partner’s anxiety. Often couples blame […]

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