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Why the Need?

An active sex life is not only superficially pleasurable it also improves many aspects of an adult’s wellbeing, including mental resilience, ability to resist illness, physical proficiency and longevity. And yet the mainstream health system tends to sideline men’s sexual abilities, treating them as merely matters of vanity and recreation.

Medical educators are not finding it becoming easier to address sexual performance with upcoming students these days because of the socio-political implications of sex.

As a result these matters are crying out for attention with approaches that are medically-disciplined, multidisciplinary and tuned to the unique characteristics of each patient.

That is the reason for FullMast Men’s Health Clinics and our focus on erectile performance.

Pioneers in Dual-action SONICWAVE for Sexual Revitalization

We are men’s health clinics, led by licensed medical doctors, in the Toronto and Niagara region focusing on sexual health, erectile dysfunction and revitalization using breakthrough medically proven technologies. We are pioneers in the use of Dual-action SONICWAVE™ which is a breakthrough, non-drug, non-surgical treatment that solves erectile problems, without adverse side effects, with a proven high success rate. 

Why We Are Called FullMast

In traditional nautical terminology when a ship is under full sail it means that all its sails are unfurled and it is travelling at full speed. “Full mast” in British slang refers to a fully erect penis. One that is “half mast” is semi erect or in medical terminology, “tumescent.”

Sexual vitality is a necessary component for overall health and wellbeing in adults. Therefore a man who is confident in his sexual abilities can move through life with full sails and his head held high.

Why FullMast?
Dr. Ron Mayer

Our Treatments are Supervised by Licensed Medical Doctors

Often erectile challenges have multiple causes and are associated with medical conditions. Therefore before we start solving the challenges it is necessary to see a licensed medical doctor, either in person or via tele-health. Our doctor can then assess which treatments protocols are likely to be most successful.

If we believe a patient is unlikely to respond favourably to SONICWAVE we will advise accordingly. We are proud of our patient-first, ethical reputation.