Andropause and testosterone replacement therapy

The hormone testosterone maintains male fertility, libido, mental and physical energy levels, muscle strength, and helps prevent depression and fatigue. As men get older the levels of testosterone gradually diminish, which is known as “andropause”. Sometimes the levels can fall off suddenly for many reasons, including stress. Low levels can cause symptoms including low energy, high fatigue, decreased muscle mass, increased belly fat, lower sex drive and difficulty getting an erection. 

Often men attribute these difficulties to “just getting old.” However, adverse effects on lifestyle coupled with unusually low testosterone levels should be treated by a physician experienced in the matter.

Sometimes, it is the female partner in the relationship who recognizes the symptoms that are similar to what they have experience with menopause, and women tend to be less reticent about seeking advice from their doctor.

Boosting levels of testosterone to healthier levels has many potential benefits, including renewing vigor and giving a more positive outlook. Testosterone replacement should not be confused with taking steroids or unregulated treatments, nor is it “anti aging”. It should only be done with the supervision of a physician.

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