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Women’s Bedroom Complaints and What to Do About Them

Communication, as we’ve discussed before, can be a challenge in any romantic relationship. Addressing physical needs and limitations can be tough, and both men and women often feel uncomfortable revealing what is going on with their ever-changing bodies.

Single Again? Here’s How to Get Your Mojo Back

Jumping back into the dating pool, especially after being in a long-term relationship, can be tricky. While getting to know a potential mate is exciting, it can also be exhausting and full of uncertainty. To make matters more

Dr. Ron Mayer on Marilyn Wetston’s Show on Zoomer Radio

FullMast's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Mayer was a host on Marilyn Wetston's show "From a woman's perspective". Show aired on Zoomer Radio on March 11, 2017. Dr. Mayer from the Toronto FullMast clinic talks about painless SONICWAVE™

Make This One Change to Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re struggling to maintain your intimate life as your body ages, you’re not alone. Around half of Canadian men over 50 struggle with ED, and there seems to be no shortage of quick-fix solutions online. But recent

Age Difference Should Not Stop Love

If you’ve ever dated someone significantly older or younger, you’re probably used to the questions. Are they in it for the right reasons? Can you keep up with each others’ physical needs? Can this relationship really work in

The 3 Best Tips For Finding Love Online

At FullMast Men’s Health Clinics, we often meet men preparing to jump back into the dating world. For many of them, dating websites are a valuable tool for meeting like-minded singles. For those new to the scene, online